LoRaMAC-Node™ documentation

Overview: LoRaMAC-Node™ Hands-on Lab

Written for developers interested in creating an end-device implementing LoRaWAN® 1.0.4 using LoRaMAC-Node™, this hands-on lab shows you how to build an end-device, integrate a temperature, pressure, and humidity sensor, and use the LoRaMAC-Node reference implementation to send data to the Semtech Network Server. When you have completed this hands-on-lab, you’ll be able to build and configure an end-device, connect it to the Semtech Network Server, and edit and debug the LoRaMAC-node project. Once you complete this lab, you should be able to apply what you have learned to add your own sensors in future and develop your own software using LoRaMAC-Node.